Introduction to Neurofeedback and Treating Addiction

Course Description: 

Our Addiction Course is designed to examine neurofeedback and its application in addiction treatment. Neurotherapy is a powerful adjunct to other effective structured programs for addictions, eating disorders, smoking cessation, abusive relationships, character disorders, and issues related to one’s discipline for or resistance to change. Many leading alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers now utilize neurofeedback services that can help underlying issues and do not just focus solely on addiction recovery. These underlying issues can often become obstacles to addiction recovery. Help in healing these underlying issues frees the newly abstinent to be more present for the drug rehab program and significantly increase their average length of stay. This also applies to other addiction recovery programs other than drug dependence such as eating disorder treatment, gambling addiction, computer addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, compulsive behaviors, pain medication addiction and alcoholism.

Our courses are designed to be hands-on, interactive, and educational.  Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Have the ability and knowledge to run your own neurofeedback sessions on your clients

  • Learn the protocols proven effective in the large UCLA Addiction Study

  • Help reduce client resistance to therapy

  • Understand how and where to market neurofeedback

  • Improve client retention (short and long term)

  • Improve abstinence rates

  • Improve aftercare compliance

  • Enable your clients to begin to live the life they want to lead