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Health and Wellness Practice Management and Billing Services

Urban Brain and Body offers a practice management and billing service for healthcare practitioners in individual practices, group practices, and medical centers.  

We use athenahealth as our billing and EMR system. We are cloud based and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.  Currently we work with over 25 different insurance plans and have the capability to work with most major policies and many smaller, localized policies.  At the beginning of 2013, we navigated the behavioral health CPT code migration seamlessly (0% lost revenue) and are currently at a 95% first time submission collection rate (10/31/14).  

As practices begin experiencing the benefits of electronic submission, many will see the advantage of out-sourcing other administrative functions. Urban Brain and Body's full-featured practice management software (athenaHealth) allows us to meet those needs. We can build a platform around your practice needs. We bill both primary insurance and patients directly. These patients can then be billed for co-payments or amounts which their insurance company did not cover. Secondary and supplementary insurance can be tracked and payments and balances applied accurately. The software utilizes state-of-the-art, open-item accounting, where most other systems use balance-forward systems. Outstanding receivables can be tracked with insurance aging reports, in several different sequences for ease of use. A complete practice analysis will increase office efficiency by showing where money is coming from. For each procedure, the charges and percentage of total charges they represent are calculated and printed for immediate reference. 

Electronic billing is a badly needed service for most health practices and is even more critical since the Federal Government mandated electronic submission of Medicare claims. We currently use athenaHealth to bill. AthenaHealth is a cloud-based electronic records management (ERM) system. UBB is leveraging our relationship with athenaHealth to build out new offices in the healthcare industry within our own athenaHealth system. Our current model pricing is between 5-10% pricing per claim

With electronic transmission to the clearinghouse and on to the carrier, computerized data verification, and elimination of most of the human element, the process of claims payment is greatly simplified and accelerated. Healthcare organizations will no longer wait 30, 60 or 90 days for payment, but will have money in their hands usually within 14-18 days.

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