Puppet Shows

Urban Brain and Body, LLC has recently piloted a new program that conducts puppet shows for preschoolers with the goal of teaching how to be a good friend and how to accept individual differences.   The presentation is broken into four parts: the introduction, the show, an interactive coloring activity, and a “thank you” to close out the show.  Depending on the size of each class, the show's duration is approximately one hour long. 

Our Director of Outreach and Advocacy started doing these presentations for students from preschool age to 3rd grade throughout the East Bay area in California with much success.  Each show is tailored to fit the individual needs of each class (i.e. splitting the classes into different groups and presenting multiple times, then bringing everyone back together to do the coloring activity at the end). 

Our Director of Outreach and Advocacy visits preschools across the community to teach this important message through the medium of a interactive puppet show.  Though the theme is based on a child with autism, the concepts can be generalized to skills that build healthy social relationships.

Wellness Playgroups

Urban Brain and Body is launching Inclusive Wellness Playgroups! Our one-hour playgroups are designed to educate children ages 4-7 on whole mind and body wellness through various play activities.  These playgroups will be held on one Saturday every month.  Each month will have a different theme and each activity will be based around that theme.

The hour is set up to have a greeting circle, one structured play activity, a snack break, and a final free-play activity. Our playgroups consist of 8-10 children of differing developmental levels.  The goal of these playgroups is to not only educate children on wellness, but to also facilitate social interaction.

Join us for our next playgroup on February 15th, 2014.

Cost: $30/child

If you are interested in signing your child up for these playgroups please email: hannah@urbanbrainandbody.com.



Our hour long training in behavior will cover the four functions of behavior, provide tips for how to change/react to behavior, give advice and strategies for managing behaviors in the classroom, and touch on behavior modification.


The development training covers the four developmental domains (social, cognitive, physical, and language), covers the principles of development, and gives developmental guidelines.  We also provide a supplemental sheet that shows the developmental milestones. 


This is an introductory training to autism covering ways to implement developmental goals into play, facilitating play and social interactions, the importance of social exposure, and the different types of evidenced-based therapies. 

*Trainings can be specialized for extended family members and/or care takers.

*Urban Brain and Body, also offers a nanny training and certification course.


$150 for a one hour off-site group training OR $30/person for on-site group training


Consultation on Behavior can fall under these following topics:

  • Specific behavior issues
  • Develop a behavior plan
  • Identifying replacement behaviors
  • General tips for responding to behavior

Consultation on Development can fall under these following topics:

  • Domains (Physical Health & Wellbeing, Social & Emotional, Cognitive, and Language & Communication) 
  • How to use strengths in certain domains to support weaknesses in others
  • The need to target milestones sequentially
  • Guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice

Consultation on Autism can fall under these following topics: 

  • How to accommodate for special needs in the classroom or other environment
  • Modifications to environment
  • Communication aides 
  • Basic understanding of how autism affects a child and their family and peers
  • Facilitating social interaction

*All trainings and consultations are one hour long

*Trainings and consultations can be tailored to meet individual needs


$75 for one hour of individual consultation