Dr. Josiah Miller is a clinical psychologist who earned his doctorate from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Miller has extensive experience conducting therapy with children and adolescents as well as couples and families. Some of Dr. Miller’s clinical interests include: anxiety and stress management, depression and suicidality, identity and spirituality issues, self-acceptance and personal growth, difficulty adjusting to change, and men’s health and wellness. Dr. Miller is also highly skilled in helping clients who are new to the therapy process and feel ambiguous about seeking out support and/or facing difficult situations and challenges in their lives.

Dr. Miller does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to therapy and believes that good therapy is flexible and responsive to the needs of each client and strives to integrate the art of developing human relationships with the science of clinical research. Dr. Miller has experience conducting a broad array of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, interventions and approaches and works collaboratively with each client to identify areas of therapeutic focus and identify practical and helpful tools to address these areas. During therapy, Dr. Miller helps clients to explore and better understand their experiences and then find a meaningful and authentic path toward facing difficult situations and challenges in their lives.

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