Dr. Stephanie Cornette’s approach to therapy is to treat individuals with respect and integrity. She utilizes a collaborative approach with her clients to help them identify symptoms, and then strive to find solutions. Dr. Cornette does not believe that labeling a diagnosis is always the best approach, as it is easy to miss other factors that might contribute to the problem or problems.

Dr. Cornette believes that therapy is about integrating all aspects of our selves, including our mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes, we lose track of one or more of these aspects, which then can delay the healing process. Thus, she takes a holistic, integrated approach to meet your needs. Dr. Cornette strives to meet her clients where they are at mentally, physically, and emotionally; and utilizes the techniques that best suit individual personalities. She helps her clients find life skills that they can utilize throughout their daily lives to help reduce stress, feel less overwhelmed, and to find a better balance in life, which can be a struggle for all of us. Please feel free to contact Dr. Cornette with any questions that you may have as you decide on the right treatment approach for you.

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