Reduce your stress. Physical. Emotional. Ongoing.

Increase your mindfulness. Meditation. Prayer. Relaxation.

Enhance your performance. Business. Academics. Sports and Athletics.

Improve your sleep. Better. Deeper. Restorative. 

Neurobiofeedback has helped people worldwide overcome physical/mental challenges, break down blocks to their success, and enhance their performance. Our brain optimization program is a safe, non-invasive, organic process that helps individuals make a more effective and more efficient life change.

Reduced reactivity to stressors.

Due to the many different stressors in life, it's difficult to always be in balance. Most life events - and your brain - are always in a constant state of change. The key is to have reduced reactivity to stressors in order to deal with whatever comes your way.


Each session is driven by you and your brain. Depending on your goals and challenges, we customize our approach for each client. Everyone's experience is completely unique and different to obtain the best results.


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Self Optimize Brain Function

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive neurotechnology empowering the brain to optimize its own brainwave activity. 

Find Balance.

Neurofeedback promotes deep relaxation, meditative calm, self balancing, and reduced reactivity to stressors.

Heal From the Inside-Out.

Neurofeedback trains your brain to regain your own innate wellness by promoting homeostasis.

Brain Wellness.

Help your brain help itself achieve efficient brainwave activity. The brain is the control center of the body. When the brain is optimally functioning, your entire mind and body benefit.

Urban Brain and Body's Brain Optimization Training


Stress and trauma (physical or emotional) compromise and undermine our overall well-being. The brain is the control center and is the key to mediating the effects of stress on one's body, its systems and overall well-being. Our neurofeedback program trains the brain to return to a state of optimal functioning.

We use advanced computing technology and sophisticated algorithms that create high definition audio and visual feedback. This real-time feedback of brainwave activity generates fractal images and a pattern of music-like tones based on advanced biometric data collection, or in this case brainwaves.. These images and sounds support and accelerate the brain's ability to achieve deep states of calm where it can fully let go and reset itself. Trauma and chronic stress can overwhelm the brain, however, when the brain resets itself, it will self-optimize to improve well-being and meet situational requirements.   

Who is it for?

Our brain optimization training is for individuals wanting to reduce stress, overcome mental challenges, enhance performance or combat addictive behaviors. Trauma and chronic stress can lead the brain to become inefficient and individuals with such history are especially likely to benefit from gaining a deep state of relaxation. When the brain deeply relaxes and resets itself, it can self-optimize to improve health, wellness, and well being. Our clients commonly report better sleep, release of chronic stress or trauma, improvement in areas of cognitive difficulties or learning challenges, and reduced addictive personality tendencies. It may also allow the recovery of overall functionality and even increase one's performance abilities. It is not a treatment or therapy for medically defined disease or psychological disorders, and it is not a way to diagnose diseases or disorders. 

For more information on BrainPaint and our neurofeedback program, please watch the above video.

What is BrainPaint?

BrainPaint (UBB's neurobiofeedback system) is a software guided training to help you achieve a uniquely deep state of calm, through the power of your own brain. A deeply calm brain supports a variety of goals for well-being, recovery and performance optimization.

The program acts as a catalyst to support and train the brain to optimize itself. Our brains are always changing and growing. Neurofeedback uses your brain's own ability to regulate adaptability.  Think of BrainPaint as going to the gym for your brain and our neurofeedback clinicians as your personal trainers. They train your brain to be in peak condition. Unlike the gym, you don't need to continue BrainPaint for the rest of your life. The majority of our clients receive 20-40 sessions and achieve lasting results.


Our Mission

The mission of Urban Brain and Body is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth, adults, as well as the community, primarily through a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our Vision

Urban Brain and Body strives to break down the stigmas surrounding mental health and to provide services and innovative tools to help people reach their mental potential while finding their balance.

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